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DP Cargo is a transport company providing comprehensive logistics solutions in the field of cargo requiring controlled storage temperature and hazardous materials.
The area of our activity includes domestic and international transport. Many years of experience in refrigerated transport makes our services are characterized by high efficiency, reliability and reasonable price.

Transport at controlled temperature

For 24 hours / 365 days a year we are ready to take cargo in many places in Poland and Europe. Our vehicles continuously carry out further transports for clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industries.
The team of DP Cargo attaches great importance to the conditions of transporting your goods and the dates of their delivery. We operate in accordance with the Quality Management System implemented in our company. Our range of services includes:

Pharmaceutical Transport

DP Cargo's specialization is the transport of medical products that require constant temperature control. Our vehicles ensure the highest level of safety of storage conditions and the integrity of transported medicines thanks to the use chillers of leading manufacturers. We support transport in a cold chain of 2 ° C - 8 ° C and in an ambient temperature of 15 ° C - 25 ° C for loads from 1 to 66 pallets.

Transport of hazardous materials

We offer transport of ADR materials throughout Europe, including sea crossings. We guarantee that our personnel have training in the field of ADR transport, and that vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment for this type of transport.
Our many years of practice mean that the solutions offered in this field are characterized by a short deadline and the highest level of security. We also provide advice on the subject of dangerous goods transport on ADR roads and for IMDG maritime cruises.

Hard Sided Vans - BOX

Our services also include the transport of high-value goods, among others, for IT, jewelery, automotive and high-fashion industries. The construction of vehicles in hard walls guarantees a high level of safety of entrusted loads.
In addition, the equipment of our vehicles are: reinforced door locks, own seals, additional padlocks. As part of the transport of high value goods, we cooperate with networks of guarded car parks throughout Europe.

Quality in refrigerated transport


Our fleet has a set of documentation necessary for the carriage of pharmaceuticals including: ATP certificates, mapping of the temperature distribution on loading spaces in summer and winter periods, calibrations of temperature sensors, internal control system of technical vehicles condition.
In addition, our vehicles are equipped with alarms for drivers informing about exceeding the temperature on the building and dispatcher information system.

We meet the requirements of Good Distribution Practise of Pharmaceutical Products

Our staff is periodically trained in the field of GPD thanks to this transport of medicinal products is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission of 15 March 2015 talking about Good Distribution Practice in drug transport.

GPS monitoring

At DP Cargo, we have implemented a GPS monitoring system that covers all of our vehicles. Thanks to that, we can view many parameters of our fleet, among others: vehicle position, speed, current temperature of the cargo space, distance to the destination.
This system also includes an access platform for DP Cargo customers, where the aforementioned functions can be browsed for the vehicle designated for you.

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Express transport

This is the delivery of time critical loads throughout Europe within a maximum of 24 hours using dedicated vehicles. As part of this service, you will receive the dispatcher's service and the most effective solutions in the field of express transport.
The high standard of services combined with many years of experience allows you to guarantee that your cargo will always arrive on time.

Logistic service of goods at controlled temperature

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Storage at controlled temperature and cooling local distribution

We offer rental of storage space at controlled temperature for frozen products, in cold supply chain and at ambient temperature.
This service may also include comprehensive logistics services along with local distribution, i.e. distribution of refrigerated cargo in southern Poland using refrigerated vans and trucks.

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